• VISION : - To become an academy of excellence in the teachers training and professional education.


  • To measure and monitor student performance and motivate them suitably.
  • To appraise and reward the efforts put in by the staff.
  • To keep upgrading for effective learning resources.
  • To comply with statutes norms and standards of the regulatory bodies.
  • To work for continuous improvement in all aspects of the institutional functions.


  • To become a significant power of high quality teacher training programme.
  • To foster academic environment on year to year basis.
  • To foster all-round personality development of the student teacher.
  • To prepare dedicated teachers for improvement of the school education system in the country.
  • To adopt modern techniques for teaching skill development.
  • To train the student teacher towards achieving excellence on academic, social, mental, physical, moral, and cultural fronts.
  • To provide opportunities to enhance their competence and knowledge construction abilities in creating positive learning atmosphere in schools
  • To sensitize the stakeholders on the issues related to environmental protection

An Overview

Welcome to the profession of teaching no other profession is designed to have such a transformative effect upon the lives of individuals in our society. Teachers play a very important role in a student’s life At is to a great extent the teachers who decide the shape, a student’s life will take.

So it is necessary the teacher is a role model. Building a teacher is creating the noblest value this is the inspiration behind establishing the teachers training college. The practice teaching that teacher’s give prepare them for the effective teaching role that they have to play.

The teachers are expected to develop their skills in dealing with the community while on the job, what is interesting however the creativity is shown by the student in using specific local features to make decisive impacts on their educational goals. Culturally significant events or days take also been topped to great effect. The students have not restricted themselves to drawing upon existing cultural traditions. Many of them have introduced new elements is order to achieve their educational goals.

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