The Institute, Bhuvan Malti College of Education (BMCE) has been established in Basatpur Bada Tola Village in the District of Purvi Champaran (Bihar).The objective of the Institute is to produce competent trained teachers for secondary schools to meet the urgent need of suffcient trained teachers, particularly in Bihar that is facing acute shortage of trained teachers, by imparting quality teachers training in accordance with the guidelines of National Council for Teacher Education.

To achieve this end the Institute has taken pains to appoint teachers who are well-versed in the field. For proper training, adequate infrastructure and proper environment are pre-requisites which the Institute has tried, and will try, its best to provide.

The Institute aims not just at providing training to teachers in the art of teaching but also inculcating all those moral values that will go to the making of ideal citizens of our Republic.

With all my best wishes for its developments.

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